a file - maybe? - solved

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Mon Jan 9 05:41:20 UTC 2012

Hello rikona,

Sunday, January 8, 2012, 9:13:42 PM, rikona wrote:

> Running 10.04. I have a dir in which Konqueror insists there is a file
> [as reported in 'properties']. Konq does not show anything in that dir
> though. A root terminal, in that dir, does not show anything
> either[with ls]. Nautilus says '0 items' - but when I try to look
> inside that dir, it seems to permanently hang with 'loading' instead
> of the usual 'empty' on actually empty dirs - so something seems
> fishy. What's really there, and how can I tell? If there, it might be
> an important file, so need to know...

First - thanks Ioannis for the quick reply!! Since it was potentially
an important file, I did an 'updatedb' with a few 'locate's for what
might have been part of the file name. In one of the searches I found
an old lock file for a document that was likely left over from an OO
crash many months ago.

I didn't think to look for hidden files, so that was why Konq didn't
show it in the non-hidden display, even though it reported, correctly,
that there was a file there. The correct invocation of ls, as you
suggested in your email, was also a way to see it, but I was not
thinking 'hidden files'.

I'm not sure why Nautilus was so unhappy and just hung - that is not a
good behavior, it would seem. And, it showed the dir as empty, even
though it was not. I think I like the Konq behavior better...

I guess I need to think a bit more broadly about the kind of files to
look for when something looks fishy.

[Big sigh of relief in finding it was NOT a file system problem] :-))

Again, thanks,



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