Software updates in 11.10

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Sun Jan 8 18:36:12 UTC 2012

I am running 11.10 on a notebook trying to get used to Unity.  I haven't 
turned it on for a while so today when I did the Software Updates showed 
up on the launcher.  When I clicked on it nothing happened.  I right 
clicked on it and in the popup menu choose to update the list. A dialog 
popped up and a progress bar showed the download. After that nothing 
again. I right clicked again and choose update.  It then proceeded to 
apply the updates.  I was never given the chance to review a listed of 
what would be updated like I am in 10.04.

Is this how it works now or is there a setting I have wrong?

Thanks,  Jim

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