Unity Interface sucks, Any alternatives

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Mon Jan 2 21:17:07 UTC 2012

On 2 January 2012 20:10, Joseph Loo <jloo20111002 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 01/02/2012 11:41 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 2 January 2012 19:35, Joseph Loo<jloo20111002 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> On 01/02/2012 11:18 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>>>> On 2 January 2012 18:40, Johnny<candj01 at att.net>    wrote:
>>>>> I am with you Alain. If you don't like Unity just log in as Gnome.
>>>> That's not an option in 11.10 or later.
>>>>> I don't
>>>>> like Gnome it takes up to much desktop and I have a 27 inch monitor.
>>>> I have two 21" monitors, myself. I find Unity takes /less/ space than
>>>> GNOME 2 did.
>>>> GNOME 2 is dead. No matter if you upgrade to 11.10 or do a clean
>>>> install, GNOME 2 is removed. This will also be true in 12.04 - GNOME 2
>>>> is not coming back.
>>>> If you really want a two-panel desktop, then install Xubuntu. If you
>>>> have already installed 11.10, then do:
>>>> sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
>>>> ... Or use Synaptic or the Software Centre, search for the
>>>> "xubunto-desktop" package and install it and all its dependences. Then
>>>> choose "Xubuntu" at the login screen.
>>> use your favorite package manager and down load gnome-shell. When you are
>>> in
>>> the login, each user has wheel that allows you to pick different shells.
>>> I
>>> use gnome - classic.
>> That's true - that is called Fallback Mode. It may be removed in a
>> future version of GNOME 3. It is not the same as GNOME 2, although it
>> looks similar - you can't use GNOME 2 applets and it can't be
>> customised as much as GNOME 2, nor in the same ways.
>> Xubuntu is lighter-weight, very customisable, can run GNOME 2 applets,
>> and is not expected to disappear in the near future. I reckon it's a
>> better option, which is why I recommended it - but you are correct,
>> GNOME 3 in Fallback Mode /is/ an option.
>>> I find that Unity with a small screena whole bunch  size, e.g.
>>> netbook. makes it very hard to navigate.
>> That seems strange to me - that's what it was originally designed for,
>> and in my experience, it works well, leaving more of that precious
>> vertical screen space free than GNOME 2.
> It doeds not work very well.

I was trying to make a point here that you seem to have missed. You
cannot simply say "it doesn't work well." I am using it right now and
it works very well indeed, thanks - *FOR ME.* You can certainly say
that you don't like it - that is perfectly fine and valid. But it
/does/ work for lots of people, myself included, so "it does not work
very well" is quite simply not a universally true statement. It may
not work /for you/ but it does work. I find it very pleasant to use.

> If you load zindus on thunderbird, it cuts off
> the bottom. Making it difficult to see.

Surely that is the fault of the screen size, not the desktop? If an
app fits on screen in GNOME 2, it will fit on screen with Unity, which
uses some 24 pixels less vertical screen space.

>  I usually run multiple windows at a
> time.

Me too.

> It is constantly making it fullo screen hiding the windows.

It doesn't. You might, by mistake, which is unfortunate, but Unity
does not force that on you.

> In
> addition, you have to keep searching for the different apps all the time.

Not here.

> it
> makes it difficult to find.

Not for me.

> @ the beginning it requires searching all the
> time to bring the terminal line command.

I press Ctrl-Alt-T for that, myself.

> The window system is 2x2 making it
> hard to maneuver.

Do you mean the virtual desktop layout? Yes, it is, but I don't find
that hard to use at all, myself.

> Granted, I could get use to it, but that are exta key
> strokes I have to remember on where to maneuver.

Well, yes, you do have to do some relearning - but so do all the other
tens of millions of Ubuntu users, I'm afraid.

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