Unity Interface sucks, Any alternatives

Johnny candj01 at att.net
Mon Jan 2 18:40:52 UTC 2012

I am with you Alain. If you don't like Unity just log in as Gnome. I 
don't like Gnome it takes up to much desktop and I have a 27 inch 
monitor.  Just and old man trying to think.
Happy New Year and God Bless Johnny3
In cold Gainesville Fl it is going to be in the 20's tonight

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>> Hello,
>> I just hate Unity interfaces, is there any way to revert back to Old Ununtu
>> interfaces ?
>> I am sorry for using such harsh words, but Unity deserves stronger words.
>> Mir.
> Hi All,
> I followed most of the discussions about how Unity sucks and how that
> everyone is searching to return to the "good old gnome2" interface.
> I do not understand this criticism. I am happy with Ubuntu and its
> Unity interface. I work with dual monitors and the system is just
> plain good.
> Under gnome2 I had a very cluttered interface, since I was piling up
> the upper bar with shortcuts and applets. Also the lower bar was not
> really to my linking since I had to look for the application by
> reading names. When I had several terminals open, I either made them
> come together in 1 place, but I usually had to click on several
> terminals to get to the right one.
> When I switched to Unity, well, at first I had to get used to it. What
> I did was checking out the shortcuts which are really a time saver,
> also much quicker than in gnome2.
> Several terminals (or for that matter any other program) are handily
> indicated by little triangles next to its icon. Clicking twice on it
> will visually display them allowing me to pick out the one I need now.
> Also the file lens is very handy. At first it is not really good in
> showing what you need, but the more you use it, the better it is in
> displaying what you need. I do not know what mechanism is behind it,
> but I like it now and use it mainly for looking up files in stead of
> browsing through nautilus. I also feel that the lenses are getting
> better and soon there will be different helpful lenses available.
> I tried mint with its MGSE all installed. Well going through the
> hierarchical menu gave me a feeling of past times.
> In stead of complaining after a couple of hours (or minutes) of usage,
> try to stick with it for 30 days. Then, and only then, make your
> judgement.
> Gnome 2 is dead, go for Gnome 3 and select your shell (either Gnome
> shell or Unity), or just leave the gnome desktop and do not start a
> flame war.
> It is usually those who do not like something that will complain,
> those who like it are the silent ones (perhaps majority)

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