Boot Ubuntu from iPod (HDD based.)

Liam Proven lproven at
Tue Feb 14 18:05:04 UTC 2012

On 13 February 2012 19:09, Dave Woyciesjes <woyciesjes at> wrote:
>        Tossing around an idea for my next project...
> I have a 30GB iPod 5th generation.
> I was wondering if it's possible to get Ubuntu to boot from it, and still
> have iTunes use it as normal (with reduced capacity, of course)
>        One method I thought of was to use GParted to shrink the existing
> partiton, to free up 10GB for Ubuntu partition.
>        The other was to go the persistent/live USB key method. This might be
> the better option, since teh free space is usable by either iTunes/iPod, or
> Ubuntu.
>        Any thoughts?

Beware, I have read that the tiny 1.8" hard disks in MP3 players are
not designed for intensive computer-style R/W operations. They wear
out much quicker.

I can't find any references to hand quickly, though.

I would not advocate it myself, in case, but you might be fine.

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