To the game people

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sun Dec 23 21:54:34 UTC 2012


I have found a workaround in the Klondike solitaire game that allows you to 
win 100% of the time, something that would never be allowed in Vegas.

Its simple, when clicking on a new deal, wait for it to get done doing the 
auto-moves, then wait for the solver report.  If the solver report doesn't 
say the game is winnable, just click on the redeal button and you will not 
have that game charged to you either way.  

If the solvers says it is solvable, it is then up to you to win or lose but 
generally if the solver can do it, so can you.  If you can't win it, go 
find a friend & play pinochle or whatever.
Cheers, Gene
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