VPN client to MS server no workie...

Matt Bukaty bukaty at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 21:42:17 UTC 2012


I am assuming you are connecting to a 2008 R2 or 2012 Server? The
problem (IIRC)
is NLA.

This is a feature in Windows Servers that require connecting clients to
adhere to a certain patch / client / software level before they are allowed
to connect and would automatically set GPO and Firewall rules to connecting
clients. Server 2012 it comes on by default - 2008 I don't remember
but I amguessingso.

Depending on where you live, what kind of business you are running, and
what gov't regulations you need to adhere to - disabling this may put you
out of compliance (and is bad form from a  security perspective.)

Cisco is the only client I am aware of at the moment that supports NLA on
Linux connecting to 2008/2012 AD Networks.

VPN's are somewhat out of date anyway - depending on what you are
trying todo. Are you trying to RDP
to machines? http://itap-mobile.com/desktop/rdp (Commercial Product - but
they do have it worked out.)

Whatever your goal - if you disable NLA I would highly suggest locking and
to throw these connections onto another VLAN and locking it down to the Nth

Good Luck!

Matthew Bukaty
I.T. and BPM Consultant
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