How to remove openjdk

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Mon Dec 17 11:26:55 UTC 2012

On 12/16/2012 06:02 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:

> Interesting and informative.  Before I read this and did your examples I
> didn't know it even existed. This leads to another question though.
> Where do you get alternatives-GTK.  I don't see it in synaptic in either
> 10.04 or 12.04 and googling for it just gives alternatives to GTK.
> Regards,  Jim

Sorry, the package name is galternatives. Type alternatives in the 
synaptic search bar and it's the first choice. Don't install 
kalternatives if you don't want the entire KDE packages pulled in with 
it. When you run galternatives, it's a mind blower to see just how much 
of your system is administered with it! Stuff like the style of your 
mouse pointer and system default alternatives for "editor", so when you 
invoke "editor" you'll get the flavor of editor that you prefer. On a 
command line type editor, and on my machine I get nano. Same with term 
and browser, only they point to your preferred browser for your desktop 
to use. That is what is going on under the hood when you use system 
settings. You're going to have fun! This beats the crap out of Windows. 
:) Ric

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