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Sat Dec 15 08:45:33 UTC 2012

On 2012-12-15 08:21 (GMT+0100) Nils Kassube composed:

> BTW: IIRC you're coming from Fedora - then forget most of what you know
> about runlevels. The default runlevel is 2 for ubuntu.

Default runlevel is 2 for all Debians, except AFAIK for Knoppix. Meanwhile, 
RPM distros did all have the same runlevels as Debians. The difference is in 
their meaning. In Debians, 2-5 all have the same meaning, all services that 
didn't already start in 1, while 2-5 in the others bring in more services at 
each step except 4, making switching on or off certain groups of services a 
very simple command. This distinction was the biggest reason why I spend far 
more time using non-Debians.

If he came from a recent Fedora, he should already have forgotten everything 
he knew about runlevels. Systemd eliminated them. Still, IIRC, init 1 remains 
an alias for shutting down most services, such as networking, postfix, X and 
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