mercurial package in 10.04.4 is broken

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Mon Dec 10 23:40:13 UTC 2012

On Monday 10 December 2012 18:31:57 Steve Flynn did opine:

> On 10 December 2012 21:03, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
> > added 1 changesets with 2 changes to 3 files
> > (run 'hg update' to get a working copy)
> > remote: Running preoutgoing hook
> > remote: Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at
> > /etc/mercurial/preoutgoing line 36.
> This is a problem on the remote configuration at sourceforge,
> apparently triggered when the sf repo is ahead of your local repo.
> Should you not have performed a pull at this point to bring your repo
> up to date with remote and then merged your changes?

hg merge syntax?  A plain, no arguments merge also fails.
> I'm only a dabbler in mercurial, but none of that looks like an Ubuntu
> error, and I don't see anything to suggest "mercurial package in
> 10.04.4 is broken". As I say though, I'm certainly no expert, knowing
> just enough to be bloody dangerous.

Me too, as has been proved a time or 5 over the last 78 years.

I looked at that 'remote' in the message and wondered if it was actually a 
sourceforge problem rather than mine.  Since all of my stuff has now been 
pushed, I wonder if its just as easy to nuke the tree and do a new hg 

Cheers, Gene
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