Screwed up apt database I think

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Mon Dec 10 19:04:03 UTC 2012


I have a total update/install blocker.  I long ago marked to remove 2 
accidentally installed dict files for libreoffice, for es and fr, neither 
of which do me any good.

The files themselves are I believe long gone, but they are marked for 
removal in the synaptic display and have been for several months.  And I 
cannot unmark them either.

Even a dpkg --purge can not complete the operation so life can get back to 

So, where can I manually nuke from the apt-get database, any knowledge that 
these two files were ever installed?

I like apt-get & synaptic, even the update-manager, but when they get a 
tummy ache, there seems to be no real way to force them to fix the database 
& stop the diarrhea.

Cheers, Gene
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