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On 8 December 2012 21:22, Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knugum at> wrote:
> 2012/12/8 Liam Proven <lproven at>:
>> On 8 December 2012 19:04, Johnny Rosenberg <gurus.knugum at> wrote:
>>> Why did they do that…?
>> Which part?
> I guess I should have snipped out some text. I'll try again:
>> Explanation: the GNOME project has trimmed so many
>> features from Nautilus in GNOME 3.4…
> Why did they do that…?


Well, the GNOME project is still developing GNOME 3 actively and
pushing in new directions, and part of this is a desire to simplify it
and remove things.

3 features that have been removed from Nautilus are compact view, type
ahead find and split panes. I must admit, personally, I never used any
of these, but many people have been really angry about their removal.



There is also a new file manager called Marlin which Ubuntu might go
with in future:

Marlin is part of the Elementary project, a quite bold new distro:

I have not yet looked at Elemenary but I like some of their ideas a
lot. It seems a bold new OS, based on Ubuntu plus Gtk3 and GNOME
technologies, but their own strong ideas about simplicity, cleanliness
and a healthy dollop of Mac-derived inspiration. It could grow into
something great.

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