Has anyone seen anything about a release date for Linux Mint 14 64 Bit with KDE?

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Sat Dec 8 17:52:42 UTC 2012

On 7 December 2012 17:26, AV3 <arvimide at earthlink.net> wrote:
> In English, popular usage reigns, there never having been an academy of the
> language. Dictionaries had some authority, starting with Dr. Johnson's, but
> the Oxford English has no acceptance outside the British isles. America and
> other territory with first-language English even follow their own spelling
> conventions.

This is true.

> The plurals you prefer go back to the days when Latin and Greek were taught
> in most secondary schools, but today they seem like class distinction
> signals for intellectual snobs. There are no more fora in the auditoria, and
> there soon won't be even one datum left to support your data.

I find this a surprising attitude, but I don't doubt you. If using
correct plurals make me sound like an intellectual snob, I am all
right with that; it's a reasonably fair description, TBH.

And FWIW, while I did go to various private schools, some quite
expensive, I have never studied Latin or Greek; only French, at which
I was the bottom of my class. Most of the Latin phrases I know, I got
from the elderly pirate in Asterix books.

Anyway... I don't see why it's any harder to remember "fora" than it
is to remember "children", or "indices" than "mice".

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