Terminal on 12.04?

Dick Dowdell dick.dowdell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 00:22:45 UTC 2012


The icon at the top of the bar on the left side of the desktop is the Dash
Home.  Just key in the word terminal in the field at the top of the Dash
window and it will find the Terminal app for you.  You can click the app
icon to open a terminal window, or better still, drag the icon to the task
bar on the left so it will always be available.

I resisted using Unity for over a year and installed and used Gnome.  I
finally realized that the only thing wrong with Unity was that it was
different.  I decided to try Unity for a day and have never switched back
to Gnome.  Basically, anything you can do with Gnome you can do with Unity
and vice versa.  I'm a professional software developer, so I cannot afford
to use a crippled desktop.  I've come to prefer Unity because it's makes
more effective use of the screen real estate than do the traditional
desktops.  Windows users will be making the same transition with Windows 8.
 Times change and there's little to gain by clinging to the past.

Good luck,
Dick Dowdell
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