Has anyone seen anything about a release date for Linux Mint 14 64 Bit with KDE?

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> According to Fowler's the preferred plural is forums.

It may prefer whatever it wishes; preference does not alter correctness.

Index -> indices; vertex -> vertices; formula -> formulae; forum ->
fora. And for that matter, octopus -> octopodes; rhinoceros ->
rhinocerotes; penis -> penes, as per crisis -> crises.

English is a language rife with irregularities - irregular verbs
(run/ran), irregular adverbs (good -> well, fast -> fast). It has its
own irregular plurals (child/children; goose/geese; sheep/sheep), so I
see no problem with irregular plurals on loanwords.

Lots of people say "could of" and "would of", because they are too
ignorant to spot that these are mistaken forms of "could've" and
"would've", from "could have" and "would have". The fact that they are
popular and widely-used does not make them correct.

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