k3b problem or user problem

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Dec 2 16:38:13 UTC 2012

On Sunday 02 December 2012 11:19:52 Colin Law did opine:

> On 2 December 2012 06:04, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
> > On Sunday 02 December 2012 00:49:14 Basil Chupin did opine:
> > ...
> > And this is crazy, 3 hours later, having reloaded the cd into the
> > drive, I suddenly have an icon on screen, so I fire up mc to go look,
> > and what I wrote is there now.
> It may be that the CD drive is on the way out, or maybe just needs
> cleaning.  I have had to bin drives in the past where the first sign
> of malfunction was that they sometimes did not recognise CDs.  That
> was why I asked if you could read them in a different drive.
> Colin

I just found a bunch of crap in the log that I am VERY familiar with, 
another RED sata cable is dying.  I've been keeping track, and when I pull 
this cable and change it for some other color, that will make 7 cable 
failures created by the corrosive effects of that particular almost magenta 
shade of red plastic. In the 4 years since I built this box.

I've been fighting with that crap since the 70's when the J.A.Pan company 
essentially took over from the American cable makers.  First discovered in 
CB Radio microphone cables of the day, the red wire only would break well 
before its time, and when you attempted to strip it back half an inch to 
re-install the plug, you usually found the red wires formerly copper core 
was just a dark and obviously acid eaten by something, pile of dust.  For a 
while I replaced the whole cable with American made cable, but after a 
year, they were gone.  That plastic die is a nice bright, attention getting 
red die, but its corrosive as can be.  So when I go shopping for sata 
cables, the red ones stay on the pegboard.

Sometimes I think my 65 years of chasing electrons for a living is too 
damned long, they look at the almighty coin of the realm, and keep on 
making the same old mistakes just because it looks "purty".  I'm a bit like 
Ric, scrooem.  The gene pools filters need cleaning.  Seriously.

Cheers, Gene
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