small problem with 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade

william drescher william at
Mon Aug 27 12:06:57 UTC 2012

I upgraded our main server without problem.
At the end of the upgrade of the backup server I answered the 
question about rebooting with a blank rather than a Y.

I was presented with a choice that didn't make a lot of sense and 
Ican't remember which I selected.

The system started the upgrade again and at the first opportunity 
I quit and rebooted.

It seems to run 12.04 just fine, but instead of the 12.04 
splash/progress screen I get a grub (I presume) menu asking which 
version I want to boot.  After about 10 sec it boots 12.04 after 
doing fsck.

What went wrong and can I fix it ?
How ?


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