wireless headaches

Joep L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Sun Aug 26 13:09:58 UTC 2012

I am puzzling - my not so young anymore- brain with the following 
problem. I have a new wireless dongle: sweex LW163V2 which should work 
with the 2800usb driver module or the rt5370sta ( as is advised on the 
wireless site).
However, what I do nothing works. I expect that after inserting the 
dongle in an usb-port the driver recognises it and installs itself.*
However, lsusb recognizes it and sees Bus 001 Device 007 and ID 
177f:1163. dmesg gives : "usb 1-3.2: new high speed USB device using 
ehci_hd and address 7". That's all.
That the name is not recognised is not important. When I use lsusb -vv 
it gives the imanufacturer as sweex and idvendor as 177f without the 
name (other usb-devices has the name on de idvendor tag).
I thought it would give the interface device like ttyusb0 or something 
else but nothing.
I assume there is something missing but I have no idea what. I hope 
somebody has suggestions.

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