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Karl Auer kauer at
Sun Aug 26 12:54:46 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-08-26 at 12:28 +0000, sktsee wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Aug 2012 20:18:33 +1000, Karl Auer wrote:
> > I have found that IPv6 does not seem function correctly for a VirtualBox
> > VM bridged to a wireless interface, even when the wireless interface is
> > working flawlessly for the host.
> [snip]
> "On Linux hosts, functionality is limited when using wireless interfaces 
> for bridged networking. Currently, VirtualBox supports only IPv4 over 
> wireless. For other protocols such as IPv6 and IPX, you must choose a 
> wired interface."

I hate it when that happens :-) Thanks for the pointer.

I wonder when Oracle will get with the program and fix this? IPX might
not be a big priority, but IPv6?!?

Fascinating that router advertisements work just dandy, but other stuff

Thanks, K.

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