FYI nVidia's CUDA works!

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Tue Aug 21 01:54:08 UTC 2012

I just installed the latest 5.0 version, which contains everything you 
previously had to install separately. You still have to add the paths 
for it to go, and remove your old nvidia driver completely. It will 
install the latest driver specific to running CUDA. Yeah, I know ...that 
part is scary. But, it didn't work with the latest from Ubuntu / Jockey.

There's a bunch of howto's and if you add the suggested ubuntu .deb 
packages that they mention and set your paths, you will be good to go.
just say "yes" to all the questions and take the default install 
location (/usr/local/cuda)

I wish nVidia would allow a packager to make a CUDA package. But, I'm 
not holding my breath. There was one demo that allowed you to run it on 
your CPU and then your GPU for comparison. The CPU chugged along at 1 
FPS while the GPU session ran at 60 FPS. Darn thing works.

Now, if I could kill some space aliens with a CUDA enabled game, that 
would be something. Ric

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..the Sin of Ignorance, and the Sin of Stupidity.
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