mdadm RAID problem -- won't boot

Rick Bragg rbragg at
Mon Aug 20 17:36:40 UTC 2012


I am having a problem booting my system.  My boot disk is not a raid array,
however, I do have 4 other disks making a raid 10 array that I mount at /mnt/md0.

My problem is that when I boot my system, I get to a point where it says it
it can't start the degraded array, and asks me if I want to start the degraded
array.  If I say yes or no, it always drops me to a shell.  At the shell, I do a
"cat /proc/mdadm" and I can see 2 arrays!  One is /dev/md0 started, degraded with
only 3 of my disks (sda1, sdc1, sdd1.)  The other array is /dev/md127 with the
other disk all by itself (sdb1) and not started.  Again, I am booting from a
different disk entirely (sde1.)  I tried to remove the md127 array altogether, and
re-add sdb1 into the md0 array, and it syncs up fine.  After syncing and seeing
that the md0 array is fine, I reboot.  After rebooting, I get the same problem over
and over again.

My question is:
How can I fix this so that I only have one array at /dev/md0 with all 4 disks
synced?  Also, how can I bypass this and boot my system without any raid at all so
I can fix that later?  I am using ubuntu server 10.04 LTS.


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