Firefox stalling, ...again

Avi Greenbury lists at
Mon Aug 20 00:18:06 UTC 2012

Ric Moore wrote:

> This is making me crazy. Anyone else experiencing it stall? I've got
> 16 gigs of memory, so when it's not loading from the net, the darn
> thing should be right. no prob with Chrome. Ric

It's going to be difficult to offer any help without a better idea of
what's going on here. Good things to try, though, include disabling
JavaScript and disabling add-ons. Modern Firefox seems to be actually
rather well-behaved, and I've found recently that it's the add-ons that
cause the problems[0]; since disabling all my add-ons at work I'm back
to several-day long Firefox sessions, rather than having it crash a
couple of times a day.

If you experience the same problems with no add-ons enabled then it's a
problem in firefox. In that case it'd be worth running firefox from a
terminal and checking what's printed when it hangs; it would also be
worth asking more Firefox-specific people for pointers on extracting
diagnostics. If the problem goes away with the add-ons, I'm afraid it's
a rather tedious process of elimination to work out which add-on (or
combination of add-ons) causes the problems, and then you'd want to
file a bug with that developer.


[0] There is a case to be made that they shouldn't be able to, but
here's not really the place for that.

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