gnome-applet-volume-control is a huge usability regression

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sun Aug 19 17:27:59 UTC 2012

On Sunday 19 August 2012 13:12:38 Colin Law did opine:
> You could still put it in a single script and run that manually once X
> is up,   Or call it from Startup Applications and then it will run
> after logon if that is what you mean.

> Colin

Humm, one question then.  In startup apps, how does one go about telling it 
to put kmail on workspace 10?  I have added just a bare kmail and the 
mailwatcher script so far, but have not rebooted.

Which brings up another reboot problem:

Somehow, I have an alternate action per reboot, which makes me reboot 
twice, because every other reboot treats me like a brand new user, with 
only the default 4 workspaces & lots of other missing stuff.  So if I see 
the pager come up with only 4 windows, I have to reboot a 2nd time to 
become me again.  There are two errors reported during the startup, every 
time, one of which is a huge time killer of variable duration because I 
can't click on the ok to clear the advisory window UNTIL the mouse is 
started (keyboard is also dead at this point), which may take 15 seconds, 
and has taken several minutes.  This error requester is then replaced with 
another, which also acts like a blocker, but given enough time, x will 
start and give me a login screen anyway.  I could take pix, but the list 
won't take pix.

Have I the only 10-04.4 LTS system on the planet that does this?

Cheers, Gene
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