Problems with repartitioning a HP Pavilion Laptop

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Sat Aug 18 01:13:49 UTC 2012

On 2012/08/18 00:55 (GMT+0100) Liam Proven composed:

> Now, on a modern PC with lots of RAM that barely touches swap at all,
> and superfast bus-mastering DMA hard disks, there really is no point
> at all in worrying about it.

There still may be with multiboot, but for reasons unrelated to speed. Linux 
installers all seem to think they have an unconditional right to format the 
swap partition. As soon as the second Linux installer formats swap, the 
volume label if present and the UUID are changed, causing first boot of the 
elder Linux to choke on init due to any of different device ID, UUID or label 
for mounting swap. At least when put near the front the device ID is unlikely 
to change when partitioning is extended to accommodate additional Linux 

> Now I confess I have not benchmarked it on modern kit, but I stand by
> my tests of 17Y ago. The difference is too small to measure. So don't
> worry about it and stick swap right at the end of the disk where it's
> out of the way.

It may be prudent to revisit with modern hardware speeds and software sizes. 
CPU and RAM speeds have advanced considerably more than disk I/O speed in the 
past 17 years, while software bloat is infamous.
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