i386 means...32 bit?

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>>  G31 LGA 775 motherboard:

> Careful with those older Biostars. I have had several fail because of bad
> capacitors. Look at the caps and see if any are rounded on top.

Mine was actually purchased as a refurb.

> Biostar and MSI and several others had that problem.

I've replaced caps on about 10 motherboards from at least 5 manufacturers, 
plus a bunch of power supplies and other consumer electronics made in the 
first decade of this century. On the motherboards I've had a replacement 
success rate of about 80%, better on other devices. My old eyes make 
soldering on high density circuit boards problematic.

I thought I had a bad Socket A Biostar motherboard about the time I 
discovered the widespread bad cap problem, and went so far as to return it to 
Biostar for replacement. That turned out to have been connected to a PS with 
bad caps, which I successfully replaced on that discovery. Even so, Biostar 
made the replacement with an upgrade model that I'm still using for software 

>Newer ones now have
> 'solid' capacitors and so should last a while.

I don't know anything about this "solid" type. I just match whatever's bad to 
equivalent low impedance Nichicon from www.mouser.com and replace all of that 
type on the board.
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