ubuntu desktop 12.04 lts on nehalem workstation

Patrick Asselman iceblink at seti.nl
Wed Aug 15 06:33:35 UTC 2012

On 2012-08-14 19:43, Roger Miller wrote:
> Update I can do fairly easy, but without access to all the machine's
> resources I have to keep the workstation working 24/7 to have any 
> chance
> of completing the job on time; memtestx86 will have to wait.

In that case I think you would be better off finding a ready to run 
cluster somewhere that already has the software you are using, rather 
than writing your own software, and trying it on a fresh cluster. 
Chances are that due to your haste, your code contains bugs, the 
installation is missing stuff, and even the hardware may be faulty. 
Finding all the issues will likely take a lot of time.

Maybe i'm being overly pessimistic, but i'd rather be pessimistic and 
make the deadline than be an optimist who didn't quite make it ;-)

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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