Hard disk keeps turning off or disconnecting?

Gilles Gravier ggravier at fsfe.org
Mon Aug 13 07:38:31 UTC 2012

Hi, Steve!

On 13/08/2012 00:11, Steve Flynn wrote:
> On 12 August 2012 21:12, Gilles Gravier <ggravier at fsfe.org> wrote:
> Q&D fix whilst you find out how to adjust the sleep parameters... just
> touch a file on the root partition every 10 minutes or so, via cron.
> Rather than fucking about with hdparam for days, trying to find magic
> settings that work, just keep the drive awake.

I've set up a crontab while I play with :
http://idle3-tools.sourceforge.net/ (thanks to Joel Oliver for pointing
me to wdidle which led me to the linux equivalent).

Gilles (seeing hope a the end of the tunnel).

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