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Sat Aug 11 01:34:09 UTC 2012

On 08/10/2012 04:32 PM, Jose Diaz Bardales wrote:
> Greetings Ubuntu Community!
> I have two computer (Xubuntu 12.04) at home and since I have some spare
> time I decided to install the "remote desktop viewer" in one of the
> computer to be able to access the second computer.
> I couldn't connect to the second computer so I decided to install the
> "remote desktop viewer" on the second computer as well, but this did not
> work.
> So do I need to install other packages besides the remote desktop
> viewer? Is there any configuration that I forgot to check?
> Note: This is a home network environment, so I don't believe a firewall
> will be the issue here.
> Thanks in advance

The 'Remote Desktop Viewer' is the Vinagre client & is matched with the
Vino VNC server.


However, Remmina is now the default RDV, so can try that as well. You
can easily add additional protocol packages for Remmina to support RDP,

In order to connect to the other computer you'll need to enable the Vino
VNC server via 'Desktop Sharing' See:
<> Note:
*always* set a password.

Once you've set up desktop sharing, open the 'Remote Desktop Viewer' and
click 'Connect', select the VNC protocol, enter the IP address in the
'Host' box, or click the 'Find' button and that should find your other
computer by computer name, click 'Connect' and the window should go
black & then prompt you with 'VNC authentication is required' to enter
your password. Enter the password & click 'Authenticate'.

Remmina Remote Desktop Client is a little more cumbersome at first in
that it doesn't have the 'Find' button. However, if you click on the
down arrow at the right side of the 'Server' box, it should show your
other machine's IP address.	

Try them both & use whichever one you are most comfortable with.

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