Suggestions on accessing virtualized windows desktops..

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Tue Aug 7 15:50:32 UTC 2012

On Aug 7, 2012 10:16 AM, "Wipe_Out" <wipe_out at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to virtualize a few Windows2000 and XP desktops..
> Main reason is the systems on them are fine and working and don't need to
be changed but are not compatible with Vista or Win7.. The hardware
is ageing now and the concern is that if the hardware fails it will be a
major problem because of compatibility issues between new hardware and the
old OS's..
> So the plan is to virtualize the desktops onto a server and then access
the virtual machines over the network from some sort of terminal (probably
being a very basic PC or even the existing hardware running a very minimal
Linux install)..
> The question is how to access the virtual "console" from the "terminal"??
> I know I could install something like VNC onto each VM but since KVM and
VirtualBox (haven't decided which to use yet) have a raw VM "console"
facility built in I thought that maybe the best option would be to access
that "console" over the network from the "terminal" PC's.. This way I
wouldn't have to install anything into the VM's themselves..
> Hopefully that makes sense.. :)
> Anyone have any ideas, how-to's, suggestions??
> Thanks..

Xen or VMWare.  Either will work.
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