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Patrick Asselman iceblink at
Mon Aug 6 14:20:02 UTC 2012

On 2012-08-06 15:56, Ansry User 01 wrote:
> for an email address it is in the format of user at
> this supports many users, in theory, close to infinite
> is it possible to have an email address in the form of
> of course this would only work for one user, but in theory, if my
> name was kiran Smith, could i have an email set up as
> and if so, how would i go about doing so?

You cannot have an email address without the "user@" part, as far as i 
What you *can* do is make sure that all mail directed to 
"whatever at" ends up in one mailbox.
This is called a catch-all. How to set it up depends a bit on your 
email setup.
Google for "catch-all email ubuntu" and you will get many hits.

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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