Broken dependencies after installing ffmpeg ppa

Hazan Pérez hapk02 at
Sat Aug 4 19:42:59 UTC 2012

El lun 30 jul 2012 13:51:14 COT, Hazan Pérez escribió:
> Hey all,
> Some context as to why all this is happening:
> I bought a 3D monitor some time ago (LG Cinema 3D, passive
> interlaced), along with a blu-ray burner drive and a new graphics card
> from AMD. I wanted to watch some 3D blu-ray movies and after some
> research I found a nice open source player called Bino[1]. Found out
> that Bino could also open MPO image files, but it required a more
> recent version of ffmpeg. So I looked for an ffmpeg ppa in launchpad
> and found the official ffmpeg ppa. So I went there and installed it.
> Almost everything works fine, Bino plays 3D movies fine, along with
> MPO images, but gnome multimedia players, like rhithmbox, totem and
> mplayer, can't open some files because the gstreamer-ffpmpeg package
> is not installed. It's ok, I can still play those unsupported files in
> VLC quite fine but there isn't my main problem.
> I need to use the Processing IDE[2] to work on my final degree
> assignment (a work required to get my degree) along with the GSVideo
> Contributed Library[3] (seeing as the built-in video library in
> Processing doesn't natively works on Linux), which uses gstreamer in
> the background. I'm sure I need the gstreamer-ffmpeg package
> installed, but I can't install it due to some broken dependencies,
> which I'm sure happened when I installed the ffmpeg ppa and updated
> all the official packages related in the ffmpeg ppa.
> I need to go back to those official packages, install the
> gstreamer-ffmpeg package, along with others of the gstreamer0.10, in
> order to get the GSVideo library working. Can you help me with this?
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

No one can help me with this? :(

Made some research and found that I have problems on the, already 
installed, dependencies for libav-tools.

This is the output when I try to install the gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg 
 Depende: libavcodec53 pero no va a ser instalado o
 	libavcodec-extra-53 (<5:0) pero se va a instalar 

This shows that I have a newer version of the libavcodec* installed.
This isn't the only problematic package, all the packages that 
libav-tools depends on give me trouble too. All the packages mentioned 
here [1]

So apparently I need to uninstall all those packages, or roll them back 
to that previous version, then uninstall the ppa and then see what 

Can you tell me a way to do that in a streamlined way? I don't to go 
package by package to do just that...


Hazan Pérez C.
Twisto Creative

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