2 different distros using same /home with same user

Hazan Pérez hapk02 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 19:31:00 UTC 2012

Hey everyone,

I have a laptop with Fedora installed in it, but I want to install 
Ubuntu on a new partition. I have a "regular" partition schema in that 
pc (one for /, another one for /home and the swap). I want to install 
Ubuntu on a new partition but I need to have access to my user's data in 
/home. I could simply use my user, with the same password, but I know 
for a fact that this would break my user's desktop config on BOTH 
distros... How can I do this, read/write access of my user's data, 
without f@#&!$) up my desktop config?



Hazan Pérez C.
Twisto Creative

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