Users Guide For UBuntu 12.04

Colin Law clanlaw at
Thu Aug 2 07:49:56 UTC 2012

On 2 August 2012 01:04, Angus MacKinnon <vigmo1 at> wrote:
> I am running Windows Home Premium 64bit and just downloaded Ubuntu 12.04
> Desktop AMD 64 and installed it. Right now I need to shutdown and run Ubuntu
> to learn about it. I have a Pocket Reference Guide for Ubuntu 8.04. Is their
> a PocKet Reference Guide for Ubuntu 12.004 that I can load into Adobe
> Acrobat 8.1? Thank you. I am trying to figure out how to load Orca into the
> desktop automatically and run other programs without having to go to ALT F2
> all the time.

This might be helpful (though I have not looked at it myself yet)

In the meantime to run an app that is not on the launcher hit the
Windows key, or click the grey Ubuntu icon at the top of the launcher,
to bring up the Dash and type the app name in the Search window.


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