New instalation, old distribution, antique machine

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Wed Aug 1 01:59:25 UTC 2012

On 07/31/2012 02:44 PM, Verde Denim wrote:
> 1. Backup the data you want to retain!
> This could be a tarball, or some other utility. Can you back this up to
> either a USB or another system (using FTP, SSH, or some other)?
> 2. External CD drive (Toshiba is recommended - I've had one since ubu 6
> days that has never failed and always connected on startup). A
> replacement drive is the alternative. An IDE drive will not cost more
> than $30 ($10 at a computer show).
> 3. Disconnect the broke CD drive (it isn't working so it won't hurt)
> 4. Fresh install distro version of choice.
> 5. Restore data
> While backing up, take configuration files as well. No reason to have to
> re-invent the wheel here.
> Does this found like a good plan?

Making the big jump he's making, keeping old ~/. files could be a a 
complete and utter disaster. He'd be much better served just backing up 
the sound files he wants to retain. I'd burn that puppy brand new with a 
fresh install. Jumping from 6 to 10 or to 12?? Way too much has changed. 
Even the sound system will be a major overhaul to his experience. So, he 
sure doesn't want old alsa files jammed back in, like round pegs being 
stuffed into square holes. It's all different. I can't even keep up. No 
one tells me anything. <cackles> :) Ric

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