Application starter for gpsman?

David Fletcher dave at
Mon Apr 30 22:24:24 UTC 2012

I've installed gpsman from the repositories. I've only recently started
using 12.04 and I'm assuming that to get an application starter on the
desktop I need to find it in Dash Home and drag the icon to the column
on the left? I've done this with Chrome and it works fine but the only
way I can get gpsman to start up is to use the terminal. Dash Home seems
to know nothing about it.

I'm an occasional leader for the local walking club, some of the members
of which are starting to take an interest in my use of the Garmin Etrex
Legend HCx for planning and navigating walks, and saying that presenting
a short course would be a good idea.

It would look far more professional if I had a proper application
starter, so, anybody know how to do it please?


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