installed U12.04 on an old partition, my /home partition got wiped

Peter Teuben teuben at
Mon Apr 30 17:00:00 UTC 2012

Installing U12.04 on an old partition...

so, i've done this kind of thing numerous times. I keep a triple boot 
and share /boot between different distros. Also keep /home on a big
partition. So obviously I know very well to only let the new system to be
the one that is reformatted and leave /boot and /home alone. Did that
again this time. But.... found /home nicely empty.

The only thing I can imagine is that I was asked what partition type /home
was, and maybe I told it ext4, where it was still ext3...... but the end 
was that i lost it all, very sad.

Found an interesting file in /var/log/installer/partman, that may be useful
to decipher. Hope to report here later, but maybe somebody else has run
into this corner case as well. I've convinced myself it reformatted my /home
without me asking for it!


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