Evolution no contacts after restore user data

user1 bqz69 at telia.com
Mon Apr 30 11:34:00 UTC 2012

> I uninstalled multiple times and reinstalled to get the same problem. I
> also removed a number of folders trying to get a clean install but ran
> into the same problem as soon as restored again.How can I completely
> remove evolution so that I can get a truly clean install where the
> wizard comes up for set up again once I open it for the first time?
> (This an edited copy of same problem by another person)

I ran: sudo apt-get purge evolution

Then I ran: dpkg -l | grep -i evolution

Then I uninstalled all what grep found exclusive evolution-data-server 
and then I uninstalled gnome.

Somehow I managed to get evolution and gnome installed again, but 
evolution with all its data was still there.

Now however the contacts function somehow works when I install new 

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