How to install separate home partition

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Sun Apr 29 15:37:24 UTC 2012

I've been reading here about the benefits of a separate home partition. 
Since I wanted to put both Ubuntu 12.04 and Xunbutu 12.04 on my laptop I 
decided to try a separate home partition. I booted from the Ubuntu 
install CD and choose the Other choice from the installation options.

I googled and found a how to to follow.

I partitioned as follows:

Primary - sda1 77GB ext4 mount point / for Ubuntu

sda6 77GB ext4 mount point /home  for home
sda7 77GB ext4                    for Xubuntu
sda  86GB free space
sda5 4GB swap

I installed Ubuntu on sda1 and when it was done it did not recognize 
/home as my home partition.  I did some more googling and fixed that. 
Then I installed Xubuntu on sda7 and when I was done it did not 
recognize /home as the home partition.

Booted from Ubuntu and using the disk utility on sda6 I see /home 
mounted. Booting from Xubuntu sda6 is not mounted. If I mount it it 
mounts at /media/(what looks like a UUID).

The how to I followed only put Ubuntu, home and swap on the disk. Is 
there something else that needs to be done to add a second OS and share 
the home partition? I want to start all over so could someone tell me 
what I did wrong or point me to a reliable how to that covers my situation.

Thanks,  Jim

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