One Virtualbox Machine for all users in ubuntu

oxy oxyopes at
Fri Apr 27 17:14:51 UTC 2012


I installed Vbox on Ubu 12.04, then WinXP in it,
but as root. I wanna run this XP install from all users.
I did
     chmod -R +r /home/vbox   (the install dir)
     chmod +x  /home/vbox      (and all subdirs)
     chown -R root:vboxusers /home/vbox

I added   VBOX_USER_HOME=/home/vbox
to the file /etc/environment

I added user1 to the group vboxusers in /etc/group.

I login as user1, run virtualbox and do not see the
win xp I've i stalled as root. Any help?


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