Can't authenticate 12.04 to Active Directory Share

Keith squeeze at
Fri Apr 27 08:39:32 UTC 2012


I've upgraded two computers one VM (Test) and the other laptop to 12.04 
(64bit) and the upgrade went well on both. However I noticed that I can 
no longer connect to the Windows Server (WS2008 R2) share as it keeps 
asking for the windows account password.

I can still connect to the share using the same account with 11.10 
systems though, so it seems something in the upgrade process has changed 
with samba or the samba authentication? I don't see any errors on the 
Ubuntu systems in the logs, however the Windows server's security log is 
reporting a logon failure with unknown username or bad password.

Anyone else seen this, I've not had any hits with a Google search on 
this either.


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