Restoring the old gnome desktop

Avi Greenbury lists at
Thu Apr 26 16:26:02 UTC 2012

Lucas.Betschart at wrote:

> < RANT ON >

Please don't.

> I just want to work efficiently!  Changing the layout of the desktop
> ruins my work flow until I learn all the ins and outs.  Just when I
> am comfortable with the new way of doing things, they change things.

That's (partly) why there was the transition period with 11.04 where
you could run either, and all the publicity about how it was changing. 

> Using Linux is all about having choices, why not offer a true Gnome
> classic for all of us that don't want change just for the sake of
> changing.

Nobody is stopping you picking up the code and maintaining it. That's
what MATE is doing, for example. If MATE turns out to be good and
stable and workable, has a maintainer for Ubuntu packages and
people want it, there's no reason it wont go into Ubuntu. That's how
all the rest of the packages got in.

Right now, though, Gnome2 wont be in the repositories because nobody is
maintaining it, and MATE isn't because it's not clear that it will
still be maintained at the end of the support period for current

> Unity does have its place on tablets or other devices with small
> screens.  It just doesn't make sense on desktops with a big monitor.
> If this means that there are two types of desktops, so be it! 

You've clearly not tried Unity on a small monitor :)


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