can't install ubuntu 11.04 on my asus x43t laptop

nidhin das nidhindas33 at
Wed Apr 25 12:50:30 UTC 2012

At the menu, highlight option 1 and edit the boot options.

find "quiet" and "splash" and change to "noquiet" and "nosplash"  and
also add "nomodeset"

Now boot that configuration.

Hopefully you'll get either some indication what the problem was or
you'll eventually get a displayed screen. Let us know what the outcome

you might find reading this helps:

i did quiet" and "splash" and change to "noquiet" and "nosplash"  and
also add "nomodeset
after booting the loading window is shown.. solve the display switch off

now it shows a new error message.
[7/861400] init: udpu-fallback - grapthics main process (867) terminated
with status 1 [8.408262) usb2-4: new full speed usb device number3 using

here it stuck....
how can i move forward??
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