Re: ubuntu11.10 安装Gnome3显示问题 (N卡)

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Thu Apr 19 03:02:52 UTC 2012

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Hi, everyone, such as the title shows, I installed the software center
ubuntu11.10 gnome3, activate a graphics driver and additional driver. The
write-offs from "gnome" sign, but into the show only after a background
wallpaper. May have been written off by ctrl + alt + del out. Some people
have encountered the same problem? Please help us to see, my graphics card
is NVDIA the Geforce 310m. CL2

2012/4/18 Cui Lei <neverforget_2002 at>

>  Hi, everyone, 如题所示,我在ubuntu11.10的软件中心中安装了gnome3,并在附加驱动中激活了 显卡驱动。
> 注销后选择了从“gnome”登入,但进入后就只显示了背景壁纸。可已通过 ctrl+alt+del注销出去。
> 有人遇到过同样问题吗?请大家帮忙看看,我的显卡是NVDIA Geforce 310m。 CL2
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Kevin O'Gorman, PhD
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