Podcasts downloader with Google Reader integration

Rafał Ochmański mlisty at ochmanski.pl
Wed Apr 18 14:47:15 UTC 2012


Which podcast downloader for Ubuntu is capable of integrating with
Google Reader and downloading all media enclosures (regardless of type,
size and whether the particular item in the feed is marked as read) from
all feeds in Google Reader?

I don't expect anything fancy, no re-encoding, no browser, just a few
simple GUI controls (like refresh and download now) and a directory with
files once it's done running. All suggestions are welcome.

I'm using Google's Listen app for Android which allows to stream
podcasts from feeds added in Google Reader. I would like, however, to
have all those podcasts (and some other RSS enclosures) also downloaded
to a local directory on my disk. Currently, I download podcasts with
Banshee but AFAICT it doesn't offer Google Reader integration so I
have to add feeds twice.

  Rafał Ochmański

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