Virtual Box with Win 7 possible at *Ubuntu running at a laptop with 2 GB RAM?

Bas Roufs - message in English basroufs at
Sun Apr 15 16:21:06 UTC 2012

> >• RAM usage settings ...512 MB ....1 GB.....
> Do you mean 512 MB for Windows 7? That seems small.
If I need Windows 7 in some working session, I set the RAM usage settings to 1 
However, before closing such a session, I set the RAM usage sessions in 
Virtual Box back to 512 MB, while I shut down Windows and power it off - with a 
view to economising RAM space when I do not need Win7.
> > ..can I act like this without wrecking up or damaging something?
> I don’t think you will damage anything. ....
Thanks again for your useful feedback.
Respectfully yours,

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