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I do bring my photo files  to photo finishing store and maintain the black
cartridge on my Canon printer only for B&W documents, it is very to much
expensive to print colour on inkjet printer. Replacing it with a laser
colour printer is a good choice. It will be less expensive, but photo still
have better looking at phtofinishing, you will not get the same quality on

Le 15 avril 2012 10:49, David Fletcher <dave at> a écrit :

> This is probably a bit off topic, so I hope nobody objects to me
> discussing it here.
> I have an Epson Stylus Photo 950 that's been working faithfully ever
> since I bought it however many years ago it was. I think my problem with
> it is that it doesn't get used enough, so it's normally good enough for
> my son to print some homework but whenever I need to print a photo it
> just isn't working right due to some blocked jets. Yesterday it was
> being a total PITA. I only wanted to print a 10x15cm sheet for some
> passport photos but would it work? No. After I don't know how many
> cleaning cycles and a new cartridge I gave up and took the file to Asda
> Walmart and got it done for 35 pence.
> Now, I reckon that the root of the problem is that it doesn't get used
> often enough so the liquid ink dries and blocks the jets. So, I'm
> thinking, would it be a good idea to ditch the inkjet, get a small
> colour laser printer (I'm looking at, for instance, a Samsung CLP-320)
> for document printing, and just take photo files to a shop for printing?
> My reasoning is that because a laser printer's toner is a dry powder
> anyway, there's nothing to get dried out and cause the problems I'm
> experiencing with the inkjet.
> Can anybody with relevant experience of laser printers please enlighten
> me?
> Thanks.
> Dave
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