Virtual Box with Win 7 possible at *Ubuntu running at a laptop with 2GB RAM?

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Hello Everybody
Recently, I installed Windows  7 inside Virtual Box at a laptop with Kubuntu 
11.10, 4 GB RAM and 1,66 GhZ processor. So far it seems to work fine.

I am considering to create the same virtual environment at another laptop 
running with the same host OS and with a similar 1,66 Ghz processor. However, 
the RAM memory in that other laptop is 2 GB. 

When creating the virtual environment at this 4 GB RAM laptop, Virtual Box 
suggested me to use 512 MB RAM for this virtual environment. With 4 GB RAM, 
this is no problem. But as far as I know, it is not possible to have more than 
2 GB RAM in the other laptop. That's why, I have two questions in this 
is it possible at all to run Win 7 inside Virtual Box at the 2 GB RAM laptop?
if so, is it possible to limit in one or more ways the usage of RAM memory?
It's important to know that I use Windows in less than 1% of my working 
sessions. The very limited number of  Windows working sessions I do carry out, 
are are not very intense: eg. checking websites I am working at via Internet 
Explorer. That's why, I am wondering whether Virtual Box also uses this 512 GB 
RAM when the guest OS is  "powered off" and Virtual Box not in use. Or is it 
possible to shrink the RAM usage till 250 to 300 MB at the at of each virtual 
working session: with a view to expanding it tot 512 MB at the start of each 
Windows working session?
Thank you very much for each input that might be possible.
Respecgtfully yours,
Bas Roufs.

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