^ character in konsole (KDE)

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Fri Apr 13 01:58:23 UTC 2012

On 04/12/2012 09:20 PM, Fernando Valencia wrote:
> Greetings,
>  I'm getting problems to use "bc" command in konsole because i need to 
> use ^ ( circumflex accent) but konsole don't show it.
> Anyone know how can i make that character appear?
> Thanks.
Don't know what bc command is, but:  Using pclos I can print a ^ without 
any tricks, and having set a compose key,
I can type hôtel, for instance, in the terminal.  I just tried it.  I 
would be surprised if your Ubuntu machine won't do
that.  (I have US keyboard with the compose key set up for the right 
CTRL key.  If you have a k/b with Microsoft keys,
you could make the right M/S key your control key--it's not good for 
anything else.)  Generally speaking, any character
I can print in KWrite, or LibreOffice or Thunderbird mail, I can print 
in the terminal. And most mail readers can reproduce
the foreign characters OK too. I'm sure you can set up a compose key in 
Ubuntu--I have probably done it myself in
the past, when I was messing with Ubuntu.  That distro has superb 
documentation, so look it up.  I've never seen a
command that used a foreign character, but I believe that some 
complicated bash commands use the ^ by itself,
so you shouldn't even need a compose key for that.


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