xubuntu and dual-head video?

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 03:22:39 UTC 2012

I installed xubuntu-desktop on my desktop machine a week ago, and find
it a winner.  If I decide to make full use of it, I'm going to have to
wean myself off of the various gnome and kde things (games, mostly)
that have been burdening my system for years.  Come Precise, I'll
probably do a fresh install of xubuntu and leave all that behind.

On the other hand, I did the same thing today with a laptop, and I'm
not so happy.  I've been using a second monitor on this machine.  I
can't get an xfce session or xubuntu session to support them other
than as clones of eachother.  What am I missing, or does that
capability not exist for the X-flavored things?

I was going to go dual monitor for the desktop too, so this is pretty
important to me.

Kevin O'Gorman, PhD

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