vsftpd ssl?

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Fri Apr 6 08:20:04 UTC 2012

Knute Johnson wrote:

> I'm running 11.10 server with vsftpd 2.3.2.  Does anybody know how to 
> set up SSL for vsftpd?  I put in the ssl_enable=YES but it won't
> start after that.

I can't remember off the top of my head, but is vsftpd actually
starting? I recall its init script being a good deal more silent than
would be useful. You should be able to see it listening on port 21:

netstat -ntlp | grep vsftp

Or at least see it in your processtree:

ps aux | grpe vsftp

My experience with FTP/SSL has lead me to always just suggest SSH or
SCP to people, and there's rarely a reason to not. I've not yet come
across a client that can do FTP/SSL but not SSH. I'll assume there's a
reason you haven't, but just in case you're still wondering which to
use I'll vote for SSH here :)

I'll be near a vsftpd server in a little while, I'll have a look at the
SSL on it then.


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